Thursday, April 12, 2012

Starting a new effort...

Hello all,
Over time my senior project has managed to become a relatively random set of ideas and plans that all revolve around the same idea I initially started with - developing my own identity as a college found young woman through fitness, beauty and the modern feminine perspective. Recently, in an effort to combine my efforts towards leading a healthy lifestyle and my passion of dance I opted to create an open dance session for all dancers and non-dancers alike. My purpose, although easily seen as cliche, was to create a different image of exercise. Often times and especially with the physical education requirements at our school, exercise becomes burdensome and meaningless as we put our priorities elsewhere. Ultimately, all my interviews with woman who I revere, my efforts to physically challenge myself, and even plan events such as the one I held today are all actually efforts to help myself be the person I hope to be.

The turn out today was pretty good - I wasn't expecting many people and I knew that many of the people would be my very own HKD members. There were, however, some very brave boys that came to try out the session... don't know how they felt about the sometimes awkward chest thrusts. The session included 40 minutes of non stop cardio as I created choreography sets to 12 different songs - I think it's fair to say that I surprised myself and everyone else in the room with the difficulty of 40 minutes of non stop dancing! I'm hoping to hold another dance session soon - hopefully, we get a more diverse group next time.

I brought my camera and set it up on the tripod... only to never turn it on. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge my intelligence level? I really wanted to share some of the event as a promotion for future sessions, but oh well next time. :(

All I can say is that I am happy with how it turned out and have gotten some great feedback so far. For now you'll just have to imagine it went a little like this...

and a little like this...

but mostly like this...

Just kidding. Kind of.
Stay tuned for my fitness video coming up soon.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

One on One with Michelle Phan!!

Finally finally finally! Here is the video of my interview with Michelle Phan. I've been really dragging out the uploading of this video just because I know that this is the big one! But first let me tell you the story behind my meetup with Michelle.

I'd been looking for a bunch of ideas for my senior project and I'd been literally working on my plan THE night before. I had come up with a bunch of ideas from doing adventures around Hong Kong to fashion to I don't even remember! But one of my ideas was to create a YouTube channel as I am a long long long time YouTube lover (from beauty to vlogs to educational stuff to puppy/kitten videos) not only for the platform it has been able to provide, but for how it has been able to change the whole dynamic of our world. Anyways, the day before my final senior project plan was due I'd seen Michelle Phan tweet about a possible meet up for a small group of fans and her. When I had read that tweet I truly believed it was a sign, so I contacted the email listed on the tweet and before I knew it I was contacted by Michelle manager to meet up with Michelle... only thing was I had to miss some school - which I of course did. Who wouldn't?

So there's the story! I'll be interviewing more and more women whom I look up to or may have interesting views on beauty, fitness and other female related topics.

Funny thing real quick was that I had to film the interview in a rush because I had to rush back to school to take a Physics test - did my studying on the taxi! Shh.

Enjoy! Don't forget to check out the channel and subscribe.

:) Viv


Run twice this week, one of which must be for one hour.

Wooo! That's a goal I had never imagined myself setting. I exercise everyday because I have dance class Monday through Friday for two hours, but recently with my goal of losing weight and becoming healthier I've had to step up my exercise regime to challenge my body. I am certainly no runner - I HATED RUNNING! HATEDDDD!!! But, fortunately a man named Shay Carl changed my perspective.

I will link ShayCarl's YouTube video in which he runs a marathon for the very first time in his life and crosses the finish line. This is a man who weight almost 300 pounds and could barely play with his kids for twenty minutes without getting out of breath. In 6 months, Shay lost 100 pounds, started eating healthier, and really strived to be the best person HE could be. He is my inspiration and the reason for how I started to get into running. Shay talks about running as a time for contemplation and once one overcomes the idea of running and stops thinking about running while running, running can be a very reflective exercise similar to meditation.

SO! I am extremely proud to say that after running 1-2 times for half an hour a week for the past month and a half, last week FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I ran for one straight hour. I am someone who has never been in track, never been on cross country, never liked team sports, and runs the mile in 9 minutes (probably less by now). WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It really is all in your mind. Once you get past the first 15 minutes of thinking about running you just have to let yourself enjoy the exercise and use the time to let your mind wander!

Okay even I get sick of people who are too optimistic. But here's to the first goal!

:) Viv

Here is the video of ShayCarl running the marathon:


Hello all,
It's been a while - and I have been feeling so guilty about it! The whole blog and YouTube idea initially started because of my senior project, but for a long time even before my project I had wanted to create an online page where I could post my thoughts and ideas. Blogging is definitely something I want to continue to do throughout college and maybe even while I am working.

Anyway on to cooler things, my interview with Michelle Phan is currently at 53%... 54% BLAH! I've uploaded YouTube videos before but the whole editing and uploading process takes sooooo long that part of the reason I haven't been updating my pages is because of the tedious process (well that and I have major senioritis).

Last night as I was laying in bed telling guilt tripping myself about how lazy I've been I came up with some new ideas! I've decided to start coming up with weekly goals for myself whether they have to do with fitness, my social life, or my work ethic - whatever. A lot of them will probably have to do with fitness just because that is one of the main things I am focusing on before I go off to college, but really it's just going to help keep me on track. The first goal is going to be posted separately just so I can find the post more easily in the future.

My Easter break is slowly winding down and I'm about to go back to school where I've got APs to study for ... yum. It's on 63% okay I am going to post it here asaiu (as soon as it uploads).

:) Viv

Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Post!

Hello all,
My first post - wooooh! I've been in a little bit of a slump these past few weeks as senioritis has slowly been eating away all my motivation, but I'm really excited to start blogging. I've been following a bunch of blogs for a long time, mostly ones about fashion and food (who can resist), and have been wanting to start one of my own for a long time. I've created this blog in part to accompany my new YouTube channel and also in part to be a space for me to blog about WHATEVER I want! You'll probably see this blog updated more than my YouTube channel as I've realized editing videos can be a real pain in the butt - especially with my uncooperative mac. If you'd like to see my first YouTube video here you go...

Enjoy! I'm really hoping to get a better camera some time soon, this one looks all fuzzy. Okay it's Saturday night and I want to get in an episode of breaking bad and misfits before I go to bed. :)